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Special order limited to 100pcs.  
Cooperation between MLC and guitarists George Harris and Tommy Gentry of The Raven Age

The Raven Age & MLC Release Special Limited-Edition Blood Omen Pedal (Only 100 units made)!


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Low gain overdrive, working great with all kinds of amplifiers and pasting itself great on every Channel. 

The circuit is based on  Class A preamplifier BURR BROWN  which allows serious amounts of sustain and at the same time ensures a high level of dynamics and a low amount of hum.

CLEAN channel –  gets a beautiful creamy and juicy crunch, that melts in your ears like a chocolate bar in your mouth.

DRIVE channels – it's great for boosting, wide and juicy drive with a lot of midrange tones, without cutting the low edge.

Vanilla Sky Overdrive was made to create an effect, which would retain it's dynamics, and allow the guitar individual tone to shine through even at the highest GAIN settings. A complete analog signal line helps achieve a rich, and organic sound. 


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Dynamic overdrive equipped in four-position clipping mode for different harmonic sound tuning and with audiophile Class A preamplifier – OPA at drive stage, is great for crunchy rhythm and a nice thick bluesy lead. Brown Sugar it's a fat brown cat that'll give you the sound of an overdriven vintage valve amp, with warm and crunchy claws. 

High Impedance input , Unity Gain, Class A, Buffer Preamp with its superior RFI rejecting capability (to eliminate Radio Station interference, so no BBC NEWS when you are playing) and Low Impedance Audio output, allowing the use of extended cable runs from Brown Sugar pedal in bypass mode.


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Classic tube driver, inspired by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd. The first  version was built for Maciej Meller of RIVERSIDE special for WASTELAND TOUR 2018/2019, where we can hear it in solo RIVER DOWN BELOW. This is a booster/overdrive pedal with an IC and vacuum tube ( MULLARD style 12AX7 )  driven preamp circuit inside. We can get a smooth, light overdrive tone, to a classic rock-style heavy distortion.

At high gain, it is like a lead crunch tone of a Marshall JCM800 amplifier. Inside is a hybrid fuzz – pre amp circuit. The hard clipping part of the distortion comes from the integrated Class A preamplifier BURR BROWN OPA2134.


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Quartet of Best Fuzzes, inspired by THE EDGE of U2.

Original FUZZ has been around since 1966, and it shows no signs of dying any time soon. 

This razor shows all kinds of different variations, from basic original, to PNP Germanium to NPN Silicon, a countless number of fuzz pedals that are based on it.

The Fuzz Face has been in every pedalboard of every famous guitar player that has ever lived. MLC Elevation Fuzz is well with no end if we are talking about the possibility of sound modulation in a Fuzz family. 

Our product is a solution for mismatch of the impedance in the electrical circuit between the pickup and the subsequent equipment in our effects have been completely eliminated, thanks to the use of our Class A Pre-amplifier. 


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MLC JAZZY DRIVE is an overdrive built on the platform of the vintage overdrive, but the modifications give it a new, individual character. Thanks to incorporating and OPA BURR BROWN circuit as well as polypropylene capacitors we reached a perfect ‘tube tone’. The clear tone allows all nuances of solo and chord play to remain wide and transparent.

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